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September 29th, 2012

The STL Nation picked "Airheads" over "Wayne's World" for Rock N Roll Losers and Masunas is a happy camper. In a movie with BrendanFraser, SteveBuscemi & Adam Sandler how can you go wrong? All this and more in episode 76!


STL Underground Hour - Episode 2

September 26th, 2012

5 more tunes hit your ears and the STL sent in their song requests so Masunas plays one of them, then reviews it and come along for another "Underground" ride in episode 2!


Point Break

September 23rd, 2012

It's episode 75 and the STL Nation has taken over! They picked Point Break over Speed for favorite Keanu Reeves cop flicks and I'm glad they did cause this movie rocks. Have you heard the STL Underground Hour episode prior to this episode? If not go check it out! News and movie reviews on Resident Evil 5, Cabin in the Woods, Gone and Snow White and the Huntsman all this and more in episode 75!


STL Underground Hour - Episode 1

September 21st, 2012

Well to the first episode of the STL Underground Hour. What is this? You will have to listen and find out and if you like it, expect more to come in the future!


Flight of the Navigator

September 12th, 2012

In episode 74 the last episode before the STL Nation takes over, Masunas talks another childhood favorite "Flight of the Navigator".  Is it still an amazing movie that hold up in 2012 and could it possibly be better than you remember? Plus possibly the best Music spotlight to date, you be the judge. And a story that will blow your mind. All this and more!!

Last Episode Summer Music Spotlight Songs (Last one for 2012)

1) TobyMac - Me Without You

2) Miley Cyrus - Party in the U.S.A.