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The Legend of Billie Jean

August 30th, 2013

In this very special episode, not only does The Legend of Billie Jean close out the "Chick Flicks For Guys" series, but the world is introduced to the wife of America's Cohost Sarah! That's right Jamison and his wife finally together on a podcast! This is her first time ever being on a podcast and she does great talking about one of her all time favorite movies. Plus the news that everyone has been waiting for Masunas to talk about, and that's Ben Afleck being the new Batman and my thoughts along with Jamison. Plus huge VMA discussion about Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake and of course Nsync. All this and more in episode 106 and don't forget to hear the bonus stuff at the end!


Some Kind of Wonderful

August 23rd, 2013

In the second to last movie in the "Chick Flicks For Guys" series, Masunas and America's Cohost Jamison talk about a John Hughes movie that is not as known as other Hughes films such as "The Breakfast Club" or "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". Listen and find out our thoughts as we break this movie down and does it really belong in this series and if so, what's different about it from other Hughes movies? All this and more in episode 105!


STL Underground Hour - Episode 27

August 21st, 2013

In episode 27 I got some brand new tunes that just came out, or will be coming out to spotlight. Plus some really great STL Nation tunes are in here from the STL song request and Name That Tune. Don't miss this episode!



August 11th, 2013

"Chick Flicks For Guys" series has returned and not only has America's Cohost Jamison returned, but we have a special guest Lisa The Legend to help talk her favorite film of all time. In this episode you will find talks about Denzel and Fast 7, Batman Vs Superman, Expendables 3 plus the movie at hand Mannequin and why it's still one of the best 80's movies ever! All this and more in episode 104!


STL Underground Hour - Episode 26

August 6th, 2013

It's another episode in the Underground! I have some really great jams for you in this episode including movie songs and of course the new segment returns and it's a good tune! All this and more in episode 26 of UH.