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STL Underground Hour - Episode 29

September 27th, 2013

In this episode I got some great tunes! Got some covers, classics, monster jams and news on the new theme coming in a few weeks! All this and more in episode 29.



September 24th, 2013

Before "STL October Fest" starts, it's time to "sink your teeth" into the Blade franchise. Up first is the original, how does it hold up today? Plus find out why this movie is the reason you have "The Dark Knight Trilogy" and every other big budget super hero movie today. All this and more in episode 109!


Raiders Of The Lost Ark

September 21st, 2013

America's Cohost has returned! And you know what that means, the new series "Classic Movies Masunas Has Not Seen" starts off and first movie series up is the Indiana Jones series. In this episode we review "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" and listen and find out why Jamison loves this movie and how was the experience for a brand new person who has never seen it dig it. That person would be me of course. Listen and find out what I thought. Plus tons of movie and music news plus an awesome music spotlight. All this and more in episode 108!


License To Drive

September 13th, 2013

It's back to solo Masunas and this episode is jammed packed with some good times. In this episode it's time to talk arguably the greatest  of the "Corey's" movies and that's License To Drive. Listen and find out if it's still as funny as it was back in the 80's and does it hold up today, and if it does, why is it "the best" of their movies. Plus a full spoiler free and spoiler filled talk on the final episode of "Burn Notice" and my thoughts and reactions along with the upcoming STL movie schedule leading into the end of October and what's in store along with an announcement on how the voting of future movies will go from here on out. All this and more in episode 107!


STL Underground Hour - Episode 28

September 6th, 2013

I got some great new tunes for you. One of them is a song that I hate with a passion! However the song being played I'm showcasing it for a reason. Why? Listen and find out. Plus an "old friend" returns to the show and get ready to have some fun in episode 28!