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True Lies

March 12th, 2014

In this episode Masunas and Jamison let loose, and oh boy do I mean they let loose. If you thought last episode was crazy, this episode is derailed and off the track. But that's what Arnold movies do, you have fun watching them, and we have fun reviewing them. So how does True Lies hold up today? Is it still an epic movie? Where is Tom Arnold when you need him? Is this an excellent Arnold and James Cameron follow up after Terminator 2, or just a lazy movie? Listen and find out plus tons more of jokes, news, noises, What Movie Am I? and more in episode127!


STL Underground Hour Episode 38 (Avril Lavigne and Hoobastank)

March 7th, 2014

For the first time ever in Underground Hour history is one episode combining 2 artists! Why would I put Avril and Hoobastank in the same episode? Because they work so well together. Hoobastank is a band that most don't know and have no idea how excellent they are and are so underrated. And then there is the bad attitude girl Avril Lavigne that is not known for her sweet, joyful and passionate tunes just her typical pissed off "I don't give a care" attitude. This episode will hopefully show you the different side of Avril and showcase the awesome band you may not know. Enjoy!


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

March 4th, 2014

In this loaded up episode the first film series in "Classic Movies Masunas Hasn't Seen" is complete with the final film in the beloved Indiana Jones franchise. This is a movie hated among the STL Nation and fans around the world. Listen and find out if Jamison still hates this movie with a passion and what Masunas thinks coming in from a new perspective. Was it terrible? Was it beyond trash? Was it way better than people say? Listen and find out. Plus we trash some movies we have not even seen yet like "Need For Speed" and others and did someone get the lead in "What Movie Am I?" this time around? Plus Video Game news on "Batman:Arkham Knight" and Jamison gets Masunas to sing?!? And some crazy bloopers all this and more in episode 126.