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March 28th, 2015

What's up STL Nation! It's been awhile but the time has come to record a new episode. In episode 148 it is a hybrid episode if you will of the normal movie review episodes, and the Underground Hour. In this episode I'll get into talk about news of just life in general along with my thoughts on the "Batman Arkham Knight" rating of "Mature" and what characters are being added to "Mortal Kombat X", plus thoughts on some other movie things like my expectations for "Furious 7" in the next 6 days and what I want to see, and expect from my most anticipated movie of 2015 from my favorite franchise! Plus some movie reviews of movies I have seen in the theater recently, Netflix, and some awesome tunes as well throughout the episode to keep the energy alive. And finally for my wrestling fans I get into some Wrestlemania 31 predictions. Enjoy!