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Goodbye And Thanks For The Very Good Times!

April 10th, 2016

Well STL Nation, the time has come to hang up the mic and retire. But please don't let this be a time of tears, but a time of celebration! We have gone through some amazing times in the past 4 years and this episode is a celebration of that. To help me do that I brought in some guest hosts to talk about all the good times and memories including Time Travlin' Peter and of course I couldn't end this show without the one and the only Jamison "Very Good" Rabbitt! We have our last hurrah together of going through the beginning to the end and all those reviews we did together and which ones were our favorites, and which one episode is the one we both hate. Plus in this massive episode (Yes the record was broke for longest STL episode ever) there are reviews for "Deadpool", "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" and of course the final swan song review...

"The Karate Kid Part II". Plus the STL Nation wrote in the final set of emails to say farewell and let's just say it's emotional. And one final music spotlight to top them all! Thank you to everyone who ever downloaded this show and even though the show is over, the STL Nation lives on forever!